How Cove is Helping Reduce Plastic Waste

How Cove is Helping Reduce Plastic Waste


When we first created Cove, one of the issues that we wanted to help solve was single use plastics in the cleaning industry. As Australian’s we already use 130kg of plastic per person per year. And a lot of this plastic is unnecessary. Which is why we created a new, more sustainable way to clean!

Here is how Cove is helping reduce plastic waste:


Throwing out bottle after bottle of cleaning products seemed totally unnecessary to us which was why creating a reusable bottle was at the top of our list!

Rather than throwing out the plastic bottle every time, with Cove, you keep it! That means you only need one bottle and when you are done, you purchase our cleaner refill packs. So every time you need a top up, you are saving plastic.


We designed a bottle that isn’t just a normal cleaning bottle that you keep. You see, a lot of reusable bottles are actually still made with plastic. They are a great step in the right direction, but they can break easily and end up as plastic waste eventually. And since we are so used to throwing out plastic bottles, they can also end up in the bin by accident!

We created a bottle that you can keep forever, made of strong aluminium that has been designed to be durable and last! We also made them stylish and beautifully designed so that you actually want to keep them. And maybe even put them on display!


When it came to our refill pouches, we wanted to find a way to reduce the amount of plastic used for this too. That’s where our concentrated formula came in. Our R&D team found a way to extract 75% of the water from our formulation so that they could fit in a much smaller refill pouch. Not only does this mean our pouches contain less plastic, it also means we aren’t shipping water around the country too.

Our pouches are also made from a blend of aluminium and other low density materials so they are as light as possible and with the smallest amount of plastic needed.

When you are done with your pouches, they are 100% recyclable through the REDcycle program. All you need to do is drop them off at your local supermarket and they get recycled into some pretty cool things!


It’s not just our cleaning sprays that have a smaller plastic footprint, but our Cove Dish Tablets too. Our dish tablets contain a water soluble and biodegradable film rather than a plastic wrapper so that you don’t need to remove this and put this in your rubbish. You simply throw the whole thing in, meaning no waste!

By being able to store your tablets in our aluminium cannister (rather than a plastic tub) and our with our tablets refills coming in a cardboard box, we are reducing the amount of plastic in the whole cleaning process.

We are already seeing the positive impact our customers are having on the environment. With over 30,000 KGs of plastic saved! We are hoping that by next July we will have saved thousands more with new customers making the switch!

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