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Packaging & Recycling

Can I recycle the bottle? Yes! Our aluminium bottles are 100% recyclable. 

Can I recycle the pouches? Yes! We have partnered with REDcycle to ensure our pouches are 100% recyclable. Simply drop them off in the soft plastics bin at your local supermarket and visit the REDcycle site for more information. 

Can I recycle the trigger or pump dispensers? At this stage, we do not have the infrastructure in Australia to recycle these items.

Why don't you use plastic bottles? We have done the maths here! In Australia, only about 25-30% of PET plastic is actually recycled. That means for every bottle, about 70% of the plastic will end up in landfill. Our Cove Refill Pouches contain only a fraction of the total plastic, so we're using far less plastic to begin with. Furthermore, our pouches are recycled at a very high rate when you drop them off in the REDcycle bins! 

What about bulk plastic containers? Surely they are better? Nope! Buying in bulk containers doesn't necessarily mean less plastic. Compared to our bulk containers of Earth Choice product, the Cove Refills will give you the same amount of liquid with only half the plastic footprint. Not bad hey!

Are the pouches made from recycled plastic? We struggled to find anyone in the world that could make pouches from recycled materials. And we're still looking! But for the time being, our pouches are not made out of recycled plastic. Because they are a small size & lightweight material, we are still using significantly less plastic compared to standard bottles

What is the bottle made from? Aluminium

Why Aluminium? We explored many options for plastic free alternatives. Aluminium is a great option because it is highly recyclable - over 70% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use. Compared to only around 12% of plastic.

What are the refill pouches made from? The refill pouches are made from a mix of low density plastics and aluminium.

Are you planning on introducing a return scheme with your pouches, so they can be reused? We have investigated a return system, but unfortunately they are very difficult to do on a large scale, as pouches can be very hard to decontaminate.
We have partnered with REDcycle to make sure our pouches are recyclable, so you can simply drop them off at your local supermarket and they will go on to become a park bench or a kids playground! 

How many times can you reuse the bottles? As our bottles are aluminium, they can be continuously used.  

If my trigger/pump breaks how do I get a new one? Please contact our Customer service and we will arrange for a new one to be sent to you.

Do I need to cut off the plastic spout and cap from my refill pouch before I place it in the soft plastics drop-off bin? No, there’s no need to cut these off. Please recycle with the spout and cap as they are recyclable through this system too.


Do I need to mix the pouches with water? Yes, please follow the instructions on the back of the label for the correct amount.

Will you extend this range into other products? Like dishwashing liquid? We're hoping everyone loves the cleaning range so that we can make a dishwashing liquid soon too!

What is the performance on your laundry liquid like? Is it better than the rest of the Earth Choice range? The performance of our new Cove laundry liquid is great! It is comparable to our Bio Plus product and generally better than the other Earth Choice laundry liquids. It also has a lovely natural citrus scent too!

Is the product grey water and septic safe? Yes, as all the ingredients are readily biodegradable.

Can you use these products on stone, marble and granite surfaces? Please read directions on label for surfaces that these products can be used on. 

Is it Australia made and owned? Yes

Are they natural or synthetic fragrances? Our products only contain natural fragrances.

Do they come in fragrance free? No

Can I use the refills in other bottles? We do not recommend the refill pouch to be used in bottles other than with the matching Cove aluminium bottle as this will eliminate any confusion as to what is inside the container.

How do I use the refill pouches? Follow the instructions on the back of pack

Are these safe for children and pregnant women? Yes, as long as directions for use are followed. 

Are these safe for our pets? Yes, as long as directions for use are followed.

What is the dosage amount I need to mix with water? Please follow the instructions on the back of the label for the correct amount

Are the products food safe? Yes, they are suitable for cleaning food preparation areas.

Is the Cove Glass Cleaner antibacterial?  No, it does not contain any antibacterial ingredients

Is the Cove Surface Cleaner antibacterial?  No, it does not contain any antibacterial ingredients

Is the Cove Bathroom Cleaner antibacterial? Yes, due to the low pH, similar to vinegar or lemon juice

Is the Cove Laundry Liquid antibacterial? No, it does not contain any antibacterial ingredients

Is there Ethanol in any of the Cove products? Yes, a small amount to stabilise the product and help with the cleaning

How much Ethanol does the Cove Laundry Liquid contain? <1%

How much Ethanol does the Cove Glass Cleaner contain? <5%

How much Ethanol does the Cove Surface Cleaner contain? <5%

How much Ethanol does the Cove Bathroom Cleaner contain? None

Does Cove products contain bleaches or chlorines? No

Do any of the ingredients contain palm oil? Some of our ingredients are derived from palm kernel oil, only because we believe this is the best alternative to petrochemicals. We understand there have been a lot of issues with irresponsible sourcing of palm oil, but we strive to ensure our palm derived ingredients are responsibly sourced. We have partnered with a not-for-profit organisation called Earthworm, enabling us to fully trace the source of our palm derived ingredients through our supply chain. Earthworm focus on products and supply chains to bring about more responsible sourcing, helping communities and working on the ground with the producers to find pragmatic solutions and improve practices.


Where can I purchase this product? Our Cove Surface, Glass and Bathroom are available at Coles supermarkets and our Laundry Liquid is available in select IGA stores.

Why can't I buy Cove at Woolworths? Unfortunately, Woolworths are not ranging our product. But if we get lots of support, I'm sure we can convince them! In the meantime, be sure to get down to Coles!