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How Cove Works

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  • It's pretty simple. You simply pour the concentrated refill pack into your aluminum bottle and top up the rest of the bottle with water. Once you are done with the refill pack, simply recycle with the rest of your soft plastics.


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  • Unfortunately, the REDcycle program we have partnered with
    has stopped its soft plastic recycling scheme. We are currently seeking alternative solutions for community soft plastic recycling which we will share as soon as possible. In the meantime, please visit which allows you to search for specialised recycling services for soft plastics within your local council. We appreciate your support during this challenging time and by continuing to purchase and refill Cove products you contribute to helping us reduce plastic waste by 80% on each refill purchase.

Customer Service

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  • All of our orders are sent out within 24 - 48 hours and are delivered via Australia Post. You should receive tracking information from Australia Post once this has been shipped. If there are delays with your order, you are best to get in touch with Australia Post directly. 

    If you are notified that your order has been lost or damaged in transit, we will arrange for a replacement order to be sent.


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  • Yes, as all the ingredients are readily biodegradable.