4 Tips For Low Tox Living

4 Tips For Low Tox Living

4 Tips For Low Tox Living

As a society, we are becoming pretty savvy when it comes to understanding more about our favourite household products. We want to make sure a product is cruelty free, Australian made or vegan before we decide to support a brand.  Because that stuff’s important! And now more than ever, we want to make sure the ingredients are also safe for our homes and our health.

There are some synthetic chemicals found in everyday products, that aren’t so great for us. Understanding these, helps us make more informed decisions and allows us to choose the right option for our home and our families. Keep reading as we unpack what this means and share some quick ways you can reduce toxin levels in your home.

So, What Does ‘Low Tox’ Mean?

The term ‘low tox living’ is about the positive impact that reducing the number of synthetic chemicals in our home can have on our overall wellbeing and the planet. Low tox stands for low toxins and is essentially reducing the amount of toxins you are exposed to in your environment.

Now, it’s not realistic that we can remove every toxin from our daily lives. They are everywhere. And at safe levels, there’s no real detrimental impact on our health. So, it’s important to be realistic with what you can control.

What are the Benefits of Living Low Tox?

Let’s firstly premise, not all chemicals are bad. Some are entirely safe. However, there are a select few synthetic chemicals like parabens and bleach that have been linked to things like hormone imbalances and skin irritations.

Removing these from our homes means that we reduce the risk of these side effects. Most synthetic products are also produced from petrochemicals. This manufacturing process has a pretty significant impact on our planet. These toxic chemicals are produced from fossil fuels, like coal and oil which are not only harmful for our bodies but are a key contributor to climate change.

Our 4 Tips to Swap to Low Tox Living

1. Change to Eco Conscious Cleaning Products

Gone are the days where you need to grab the rubber gloves and a face mask to clean your bathroom! We use cleaning products in our homes every day, they are directly used on common household surfaces and are within close proximity to our bodies. Which means it’s important that they are made from non-toxic ingredients.

Choosing a natural alternative (maybe like Cove's Refillable Bathroom Cleaning Products? 😉) that is derived from plants and doesn’t contain petrochemical cleansers means we reduce the amount of harsh chemicals in our home.

Make sure it also contains natural fragrances too!

2. Reduce Plastic

We know plastic is everywhere, and it’s a tough one to avoid completely. But choosing less plastic options not only reduces the amount of plastic heading to landfill, but reduces your exposure to things like micro-plastics. 

Try swapping out your microwavable plastic containers for different materials like glass and your plastic water bottle for an aluminium option.

Check out our blog on tips for plastic free living for more inspo.

3. Natural Personal Care Products

Anything that you put on your body is absorbed into the skin, which is why this category has such strict rules to ensure ingredient regulations are followed. Things like parabens and SLS used to be a common ingredient in personal care products, but now most natural brands ensure those nasties are nowhere to be seen.

A great health & wellness brand that ticks all of these boxes is Salt Lab.

4. Add Plants to Your Home

Plants are amazing things and fantastic to have in the home to help absorb toxins! With plants releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, they help purify the air around us. Try and have plants in key rooms within the home like the kitchen, living spaces and bedrooms.

Recommend any other ways to reduce toxins from your home? We would love to hear! Email us at hello@cove.cleaning

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