How Going Plant- Based Can Help You and The Planet

How Going Plant- Based Can Help You and The Planet

To celebrate our collab with plant-based meal delivery service, Soulara. We wanted to talk about the importance of all things plant-based. Not just for our own heath, but for the health of our planet too!

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Our supermarkets are filled with more options than ever, making it easier to switch to healthier, more eco conscious products in our food and household items. So, why should you consider switching to plant-based? We'll tell you!

Why Swap to Plant- Based Food?

Going 'full vegan' is a big jump for most. And even though vegan and plant-based seems to be the latest trend. It really isn't a new thing. If you have ever been to Italy or Spain, you will find that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world and is filled with wonderful plant-based meals.

So, What is a Plant-Based Diet? 

One thing it's not, is a weight loss diet that is all about cutting out carbs or sugars (phew!). A plant-based diet is a lifestyle choice to increase the consumption and portion of our food intake that consists of plant-based products. Things like fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds. Making a choice to move away from animal product in your diet not only has physical health benefits but also benefits social issues such as animal welfare and climate change. 

Here are the top ways a plant-based diet can benefit you and the planet. 

Improve Your Health

Plant-based diets are naturally higher in fibre and contain more variety of vitamins and minerals, which in turn, really help our your gut. The more variety we have in our diets, the better it is for our gut bacteria. Improving our gut health has a direct correlation with reducing inflammation in our body too. When our body has too much inflammation, it can contribute to the buildup of fatty deposits which increase the risk of chronic diseases such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

Reduces Climate Change

Research has shown that vegan households have a +40% lower carbon footprint than meat-eating households. And that just says it all!

Food production industries account for approx. 30% of total carbon emissions. With the meat and diary industries making up about 2/3 of this. This just shows the impact of animal products is a lot more than you would think. Animal protein literally requires 100 x times more water than the same amount of grain protein to be produced. 

What About Plant-Based Products?

Ok, so you have got your plant-based diet happening. But what about the other products in your home? Choosing plant-based in things like your cleaning products and skin care can also have positive impacts on your health and the environment. 

What are Plant-Based Ingredients?

They are sort of what they sound like! Plant-based ingredients are core ingredients in a product that are derived from a plant material. It also means that it doesn't contain any animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients. Making plant-based products also 100% vegan!

And here's why they are awesome:

No Harsh Chemicals

When you use plant-based products on your body and in your home, you reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals. Now it's not realistic that we an reduce our exposure to all toxins but removing things like bleach and parabens can reduce our risk for things like hormone imbalances and skin irritations. Checking the label of products to ensure they say they are 'plant-based' or 'paraben free' is a great place to start!

Our cleaning and laundry range is a great example of plant-based products that are an easy switch!

Reduces Climate Change

Plant-based ingredients are not only safer for our homes, but they are a much more sustainable option too! Unlike petrochemicals (don't know what they are? Check out our blog here) that are made from a finite resource. Plant-based sources like corn and coconuts can be replanted again and again. This means that we can sustainably maintain this resource without eroding a resource.

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