How To Save Money and The Environment in Your Laundry

How To Save Money and The Environment in Your Laundry

It’s safe to say that we’re all feeling the pinch in 2023. From the price of petrol to lettuce, looking for ways to save money has got our attention. One thing we don’t want, is for our cost savings to come at the sacrifice of some bigger picture issues- like the environment!

It’s still SUPER important that we think about the planet in our purchases. And who says we can’t have both?! Not us!

Here are our really simple, super cost effective ways to save money in your laundry room and reduce your impact on the environment too. That’s called a WIN/WIN in our books.

Wash in Cold Water

Did you know that 90% of the energy used when washing our clothes is to heat up the water? And there’s no need for it! Most dirty clothes can be cleaned using cold water and an effective detergent. And if it’s a sunny day, hanging up your washing clothes in sunlight also kills bacteria.

For clothes with slightly tougher stains, simply pour a little detergent directly onto the stain to give it that extra little hand.

CHOICE's calculations found that if you switched from washing a half load every day on a warm wash to washing a full load every day on a cold wash, you would save $135.85 a year.

 Use Less Detergent

Do you ever find yourself using way too much detergent? A heavy pour or just throwing in that little bit extra can mean that you go through your laundry liquid much faster than you need to and end up buying more often- costing you more in the long run!

Or to make it even easier, choose a laundry liquid that makes it simple for you to only use what you need! Our Cove Laundry Liquid has a handy pump rather than a pour cap so you know you are only using the required dosage for your load and still have fresh, clean clothes!

 Full Loads Only

We know it can be tempting to just throw that top in to get washed quickly because you need it but waiting until you have a full load can make your washing must more cost effective and reduce your water usage too. An average washing machine can fit in a lot more clothes than you think! Most full washing baskets weigh around 3.5kg when a standard washing machine can take around 8-9kg so there is definitely room for a bit more.


 Wear Your Clothes More Often

Not every item of clothing needs to be washed after one wear, especially if it has stayed clean! Take a second (and maybe even a sniff test) before you throw your jeans in the wash every time. In fact, denim experts say you should only wash your jeans every 4-5 wears. Not only does this save on washing detergent, water and energy but it also helps your clothes last longer too!

Swap To More Cost Effective Laundry Liquid Brands

When we are in the frantic rush of a supermarket shop, it's not the best time to whip the calculator out to work out which laundry liquid is the best value for money. So we did the maths for you! It's not always about which laundry liquid is the cheapest, but it is worth calculating what the cost per wash is as this is the cost of every load of washing in the long run.

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