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The Starter Kit

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Up your cleaning game, this is a game-changer! 

Cove Starter Kit is the ultimate way to clean your home and minimise your environmental footprint while looking super cute.
The Cove system uses aluminium refillable bottles meaning 80% less plastic refills. 
Cove Cleaning products are free of harsh chemicals being brilliantly powerful plant-based formulas with 100% natural fragrances.
    What's in the box?

    Kit includes 

    • 1 x Laundry bottle (empty)+ 1 x Laundry Refill 
    • 1 x Surface bottle (empty) + 1 x Surface Refill 
    • 1 x Bathroom bottle (empty)+ 1 x Bathroom Refill 
    • 1 x Glass bottle (empty)+ 1 x Glass Refill 
    • 3 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloths 
    Shipping & Returns

    Return Policy

    We accept returns within 30 days of purchase with no questions asked - either love it or send it back (just cover the cost to return the products) & your money back! 

    Shipping Times

    Please note that Australia Post is experiencing delays so your parcel may take longer to arrive. If your parcel has been shipped and you have not received an update, please contact Australia Post directly.

    State  Express Shipping Standard Shipping
    ACT  2-3 business days  3-5 business days
    New South Wales  2-4 business days  5- 7 business days
    Northern Territory  4-6 business days  7-10 business days
    Queensland  2-3 business days  4-6 business days
    South Australia  2-3 business days  4-6 business days
    Tasmania  2-3 business days  5-7 business days
    Victoria  2- 3 business days  3-5 business days
    Western Australia  3-4 business days  5- 8 business days



    Refill, not landfill.

    Join us on our refilloution.

    We're here to inspire you to reuse, instead of just throwing stuff away!

    It sounds bold, but our goal is to inspire a generation of reuse, and we need your help to make a positive change.


    At least 80% less plastic compared to the traditional way of cleaning & laundry.


    Yep, no bulk bottles here. Just beautiful reusable bottles and little refill pouches.


    Our refill packs are at least a third of the size of a normal bottle. That means we can fit more in a truck, and reduce our emissions in manufacture and transport.

    So what's this laundry pump about?

    We designed a hyper concentrated laundry liquid formula, which means you only need to use a little amount.

    A pump makes it super easy because there's no need to measure, just 4 pumps! 

    No measuring, no mess.

    Okay, but how do the cleaning refills work?

    Just add water. 

    We thought it would be silly to ship the water to you, since you have a tap already. 
    So we developed a concentrated formula in a tiny pack size that reduces waste significantly and stops us shipping water around the country.

    Don't trust us! Read the reviews.

    Just scroll down.

    The Starter Kit

    The Starter Kit

    The Starter Kit has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 484 reviews.