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Bathroom & Shower Cleaner

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Holding your breath whilst cleaning the shower is a thing of the past, with Cove Bathroom & Shower Cleaner. The natural lemon scent will make cleaning the shower a pleasant breeze with no nasty fumes!

  • Reusable aluminium bottle 
  • Refill pouch contains 80% less plastic*
  • 100% natural lemon scent
  • No synthetic fragrances 
  • Powerful plant based formulation 
  • Non-toxic and no harsh chemicals 
  • Septic safe and grey water safe
  • Vegan - no animal derived products 
  • Cruelty Free - no animal testing 

*Compared to Earth Choice Bath & Shower Cleaner 600ml


  • 1 x Cove Bathroom Cleaner Bottle (empty)
  • 1 x Cove Bathroom Cleaner Refill 

Click here for full Bathroom & Shower Cleaner ingredients list.

Got a question? Check out our FAQs for the answers.

Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

We accept returns within 30 days of purchase with no questions asked - either love it or send it back (just cover the cost to return the products) & your money back! 

Shipping Times

Please note that Australia Post is experiencing delays so your parcel may take longer to arrive. If your parcel has been shipped and you have not received an update, please contact Australia Post directly.

State  Express Shipping Standard Shipping
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Western Australia  3-4 business days  5- 8 business days




The bottle by rotating clockwise.


The entire contents of the pouch into your bottle 


The bottle to the brim with water


Return the pouch to store with your soft plastics through the REDcycle program

Why refill and reuse?

It's simple. 

Less Waste

80% less plastic compared to standard cleaning bottles.

Fewer emissions

Smaller pack sizes mean we can fit more into a truck, which means fewer trucks on the road and fewer emissions!

Less Space

Get your storage space back, these little packs are super easy to store.

Reuse and Refill

Bathroom & Shower Cleaner

Bathroom & Shower Cleaner

Bathroom & Shower Cleaner has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 13 reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to add water when using the refill pouch?

    Yes, it's super simple! Just follow the instructions on the back of the pack. 

  • Why Aluminium?

    We explored many options for plastic free alternatives. Aluminium is a great option because it is highly recyclable - over 70% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use. Compared to only around 12% of plastic. 

  • Are these products grey water safe?

    Yes, definitely! Feel free to use your excess water in the garden.