Your Essential Checklist When Revamping Your Next Space

Your Essential Checklist When Revamping Your Next Space

Remember when you were a teenager and how fun it was to rearrange your bedroom every few months just to mix things up? Well now you are an adult- redecorating or redesigning the spaces in your home is a much bigger task with a lot more pressure for it to look good!

This month, we have partnered with Australian artwork brand, Urban Road, the experts in creating unique artwork, furniture, and homeware pieces for your home. Formed in 2010, Urban Road focuses on making interior design accessible to everyday art-loving Australians, giving everyone the opportunity to start fresh or revamp their space no matter when they feel it needs a little facelift.

Together, we have put together the essential checklist you need before you tackle redesigned the rooms in your home. Whether it’s the kitchen, the kid’s bedroom, or a study nook, there are some basic steps you need to consider first.

Have a Plan

There is nothing worse than when you start moving furniture and it turns out that drawer set, or new sofa doesn’t fit the space you thought. Take the time beforehand to plan out what you want to achieve and make sure you measure your furniture to ensure it all fits exactly where it should.

Now is also a good time to also consider colour themes and textures that you would like to include (hello Pinterest inspo board). Visually planning how you want the space to look before you start will make decisions lot easier and will help you stay on track.

Clean Beforehand

It’s not very often that we completely clear our rooms of furniture and empty the shelves, so take advantage of this and ensure you give the room a thorough clean in the process. Start by removing items and wipe down all surfaces with a Surface Cleaner and microfibre cloth.

Don’t forget to include those often-forgotten places like skirting boards, windowsills and light fittings. Once clean and dust free, vacuum the floor, inside cupboards and mop if necessary (depending on floor coverings). Your space will look brand new and ready for its transformation!

 Think Functional

As you look over your space, imagination overflowing with the possibilities, it can be pretty tempting to stuff the room with all your dream pieces. But try take a step back and really think about what it will look like once revamped.

To help you declutter, remind yourself to keep your space as functional as it is gorgeous. Consider how your space is used – if it’s a bedroom, could you use a comfy armchair in the corner as a reading nook? Or if it’s the living room, could you use a handy side table or bench seat? Even a cushion or two can go a long way towards making your space more comfortable, as well as stylish.

Make a Statement

Don’t forget to have fun! Go bold and make a statement within your space that you haven’t before. And if you’re not into loud colours or patterns, even pieces like a new sofa, funky vessel or neutral-toned artwork are enough to standout when paired with minimal styling.

Now is the perfect time to experiment with a new furniture, décor or artwork piece to truly refresh your space. You can also play with shapes as a subtle way to create interest and character within the room.

Post Your Before & After Pic!

And lastly, make sure you take a great before & after transformation pic to post on your socials. Who knows, you might just inspire someone else to tackle their next room!


If you are feeling as inspired as us, you can head to Urban Road and use the code COVE20 for 20% off sitewide.

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