Studio Joey: Founder, Rachael Pictor's Move to Slow Living in Her Home and Her Business

Studio Joey: Founder, Rachael Pictor's Move to Slow Living in Her Home and Her Business

Welcome to our 'Local Highlights' Series. We are shining a spotlight on local Aussie creatives that not only share our passion for design, but also the importance of sustainability in business today. Discover the ups and downs of running a small business (during COVID!) and support local artists by sharing their story.

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Studio Joey: Founder, Rachael Pictor's Move to Slow Living in Her home and Business.

Studio Joey is the home of visual artist, Rachael Pictor. Working out of her home in Melbourne, Rachael creates artwork inspires by women and their relationship with their surroundings. 

As a slow living advocate, Rachael believes that most of what we need already exists. She chooses to use upcycled materials in her work and creates small batch, seasonless collections of original works, prints and hand- painted textiles.


Hey Rachael, tell us a little about you and your business, Studio Joey

Hello there!  My name is Rachael and I am the creator behind Studio Joey, a visual art service offering original artwork, prints and upcycled homewares. I've had a few different hobbies over the years and during 2020 Melbourne lockdown I starter making pet portraits, which is how Studio Joey came to be.

The pet portraits helped me to refine my style and now my focus is on creating original artwork (with the odd pet portrait in between).

I also have an Etsy store where I sell my prints and greeting cards. Upcycled homewares are a new addition to my store and my first collection is a series of hand painted table clothes and napkins, all made using second hand textiles. 

Studio Joey is a side- business and when I am not creating, I work full time in publishing. I love my job but it does not give me much opportunity to work with my hands and Studio Joey provides me with that creative outlet. 


 How did you come up with the name Studio Joey?

 Studio Joey is named after the love of my life, our rescue greyhound Joey! Joey has been the most perfect companion before, and especially during the Melbourne lockdowns. As I started my business during lockdown it felt very fitting to name it after him. 


You have recently made the transition to a focus on slow living in your home and business, why?

In my 20s, I started a sustainable fashion journey and over time that mindset crossed over into other aspects of my life, like my home and lifestyle, leading me to delve into the world of slow living. 

Juggling full time work with my side business means I have to be very careful with my time, so a slow living approach helps me to manage my time without succumbing to "hustle culture". Art is a mindfulness practice for me and choosing to live slowly allows me to maintain the positive relationship I have with art. 


Why do you think slow living is an important message to share?

Life demands so much of us and it is so easy to become burnt out. I hope by sharing my approach to slow living it encourages others to be kinder to themselves and their community,

I also think that we need people to share their different approaches to slow living. It does not have to be all minimal aesthetics or shopping only organic produce- everyone's journey is different.  At the end of the day if you are discovering new ways to be more mindful and intentional, you are living slow.


What is it about Cove that aligns with your values around slow living?
For myself, slow living means living sustainably. Transitioning to reusable instead of single use items has helped me reduce the amount of plastic I am contributing to landfill, which is why the Cove reusable bottles and refill system are so suitable for my lifestyle. I also believe in transparency, so the fact that Cove is made in Victoria using solar energy means that I can be confident I am using a product that aligns with my values. 


Where do you find your inspiration for your designs? What's your creative process?

My creative process is quite intuitive. I usually come across an image or setting that sparks and idea which I will sketch out until it is ready to be painted. Women are a constant source of inspiration for me. I like to explore the relation women have with themselves and the world around them in my pieces. I'm also influencers by my surroundings. I am home with Joey most of the time lately so my recent works include a lot of greyhounds (luckily Joey makes an excellent model).

Biggest challenge of running a small business?
The biggest challenge for me personally is juggling Studio Joey with full time work. It can be difficult to find the time and energy to work on the business after a long day which is why being intentional and considerate with my time is so important. I keep distinct boundaries between my full time work and my creative work. 
On top of that, it is an incredible challenging time for small businesses in general. There is so much uncertainty at the moment and business owners are not able to reach people they way they did in the past ( I miss makes markets very much!) It's quite challenging to be constantly pivoting and trying to diversify your opportunities. 


What's your one piece of advice to someone looking to start their own business?

Be patient and allow time for growth. It is impossible from day one and there are things you will learn and adapt to along the way. It might feel like things are taking a long time or that they are not happening for you but if you persist you will see results. I have had many days where I felt like giving up to only receive an exciting order or a new opportunity moments later!



Rachael's work has been displays at the Brunswick Street Gallery, No Vacancy Gallery and Linden New Art. Her work was recently awarded Best in Muster at the 2021 Australian Watercolour Muster. 

You can follow Rachael on Instagram at @studio.joey and shop her prints via her Etsy Store.

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  • Thuong on Dec 24, 2021

    Love your work and slow living approach, Rachael. Very inspiring!

  • B on Dec 24, 2021

    Great blog on a very talented local artist! Rachael is such a wonderful inspiration and it is refreshing to have her perspective on slow living. Loved it!

  • Shehan Rauff on Dec 24, 2021

    Beautiful artwork

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